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Maji Milk Tea
* All Drinks Include 1 Topping

建議搭配: 原味珍珠,紅豆 & 仙草凍

Suggested Toppings: Original Boba, Red Bean & Grass Jelly

Maji Fruit Ice Tea


Choose either Taiwanese Green Tea or Jasmine Green Tea as base.

Maji Flavored Tea
* All Drinks Include 1 Topping

建議搭配: 爆爆珠 & 檸檬寒天凍

Suggested Toppings: Pop Boba  & Lemon Jelly

Maji Yogurt Drink

建議搭配: 爆爆珠 & 椰果

Suggested Toppings: Pop Boba & Neta Jelly

Extra Topping                         0.50

Boba Toppings

Lychee Pop Boba

Mango Pop Boba

Passion Fruit Pop Boba

Peach Pop Boba

Regular Boba

Jelly Toppings

Grass Jelly

Lemon Jelly

Lychee Neta Jelly

Mango Neta Jelly

Passion fruit Neta Jelly

Peach Neta Jelly

Others Toppings


Red Bean


Whipped Cream

Maji Sweets

* Ice Cream Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry

Maji Snacks
Maji Noodles
Donut Holes
Slush Available
Hot Available
Caffeine Free
Sugar Level: Regular (100%), Less (75%), Half (50%), No Sugar (0%)
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